Momentum Hammersmith & Fulham supports calls for a democratic conference


At its meeting of October 18, Momentum Hammersmith & Fulham decided to move the following proposal to the London Regional Committee, which will meet on October 29 to discuss the forthcoming national conference of Momentum. We urge all Momentum members and branches to move similar motions.

Momentum Hammersmith & Fulham/London Regional Committee calls on Momentum nationally:

1. To urgently name the date of Momentum’s first annual conference, to consist of delegates from local groups on the basis of 1 delegate for every 10 members or part of 10, to be elected at local face-to-face meetings (this ratio to be varied at future conferences if necessary, if membership grows or shrinks substantially).
2. To publish and circulate to all members a pre-conference timetable for submission of motions, amendments, the election of delegates, and nominations for a national steering committee to be elected at conference. The steering committee to appoint officers from its own ranks, and sub-committees, as it sees fit, to facilitate its work. Officers and sub-committees to be responsible to, and recallable at any time by, the steering committee.
3. To invite and accept motions, amendments and nominations not only from the current national committee and regional committees, but also from recognised Momentum branches, and from any 10 members.
4. To publish and distribute all motions to all Momentum members at least 6 weeks before conference and actively encourage branches to organise meetings to thoroughly discuss these; and to accept amendments up to 2 weeks before conference, and to publish and distribute amendments 1 week before conference.
5. To set up an open e-forum for all members, where motions can be discussed, amendments can be mooted and compositing processes can be arranged.
6. The primary purpose of the conference to be (a) to discuss and decide on a democratic constitution for the organisation; (b) to discuss and decide the broad political and campaigning priorities for the organisation over the coming period; and (c) elect a steering committee, which must publish its minutes, reports of its work and all decisions.