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LPM27LPM No 27, September 19 2021 (PDF version here):

Eighteen theses on Labour
Disputation on the self-defeating common sense of governmentalism and the illusions of broad left alternatives

Once all working class and socialist organisations were welcome – obviously no longer. James Marshall looks at the past, present and future

We need system change
Capitalism cannot be trusted with the future of the planet, says David Sherrief. But be warned: governments could go for ‘climate socialism’


LPM26LPM No 26, February 20 2020 (PDF version here):

Labour Left Alliance launch | Two roads
James Marshall argues that the Sheffield conference of the Labour left faces fundamental choices

Nature | Climate change and system change
Amazingly neither the LAW steering committee, nor Tees, nor Dulwich have anything to say about the climate emergency. Jack Conrad shows why London LLA is right to link ending ecological degradation with ending capitalism

Labour leadership | Twenty-two theses
What should be the attitude of Marxists to the Labour leadership contest?


LPM 25web-pic

LPM No 25, September 25 2019 (PDF version here)

Israel: A racist endeavour
Since its foundation the Israeli state has stolen more and more Palestinian land. Like any colonial-settler project this robbery must involve systematic discrimination against the indigenous population. Moshé Machover calls for the de-Zionisation of Israel

Taking the witch-hunt into the workplace
Hammersmith and Fulham council is appealing against the employment tribunal’s decision that its dismissal of Stan Keable was ‘unfair’.

Out with the new, in with the old
David Sherriff says that, while it is right to vote for the old Fabian clause, the task of Marxists must be to win the Labour Party to Marxist socialism

No pacts, no coalitions
James Marshall warns that, while Boris Johnson may well hanker after an illiberal democracy, calls for a caretaker government and a second referendum are worse than useless

Climate change and system change
Neither mainstream politicians, nor jetting royals, nor ‘progressive’ capitalists have serious answers to the danger of runaway climate change.

Red Pages
, Tuesday September 24 2019

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MONDAY 2019Red Pages, Monday September 23 2019 – download the PDF version here.

Tom Watson speech:
 Delegates plan protests

Union votes vs CLP votes: Democratise the unions!
One thing has become pretty clear at this year’s conference: the huge increase in membership and consequent radicalisation sparked by the election of Jeremy Corbyn in 2015 has not found much reflection within the trade unions.

Our Europe, their Europe
No to a second – or any – referendum

Labour Party Marxists goes viral

SUNDAY 2019 PDFRed Pages, Sunday September 22 2019 – download PDF version here.

How to get rid of Tom Watson
With his much-publicised motion to abolish the position of deputy leader, Momentum’s owner Jon Lansman was trying to pose left – but don’t be fooled

Abolish all private schools?
This demand is not as radical as it sounds – what about, say, those run by cooperatives? Those that are based on a working class, socialist vision of society?

Debate over Clause four: Fight for real socialism!
Despite the fact that the rule change fell far short of what is required, we urged for a vote for it, against the Blairisation of the Labour Party. Sadly, Labour’s NEC kicked the issue into the long grass.

Fast-track expulsions will make the anti-Semitism witchhunt worse
Although a majority of CLP representatives yesterday voted AGAINST a further tightening of Labour’s disciplinary system, the rule change from the NEC was accepted because the affiliates overwhelmingly voted in favour. This will make the witch-hunt much, much worse.


LPM 23-front

LPM No 23, May 9 2019 (PDF version here):

Zionist colonisation and Armageddon
As Israel moves further and further to the right, Moshé Machover says religious fanatics are becoming increasingly influential

Labour, Israel and the ‘new anti-Semitism’
Tony Greenstein reviews: Paul Keleman The British left and Zionism – history of a divorce Manchester University Press, 2012, pp227, £16.99

Model motion: for an entirely new clause four

Thesis: Attitude towards the current Labour leadership



LPM No 22, February 7 2019 (download the PDF version here):

We need a new clause four
James Marshall says that instead of fostering illusions in Fabian socialism, the task of Marxists must lie in winning the Labour Party to … Marxist socialism

Another witch-hunt victim
NEC refuses to endorse Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt in South Thanet. Carla Roberts asks some pertinent questions

Danger of national government
Theresa May’s backstop contortions show that Brexit hangs in the balance. Paul Demarty says there is no high-tech solution



Wednesday September 26 2018: Download the PDF here or read the full issue online here.

There is no ethical capitalism
John McDonnell’s 10% share scheme sounds radical, but it is an old trick

Bomb hoax at Jackie Walker film

Right wing damp squib
The Jewish Labour Movement and other right wingers kept their heads down – some thugs did their dirty work

Emily Thornberry and Rhea Wolfson: pro-Zionist sisters in arms (this has been updated and is now slightly different to the PDF version)

No Momentum
Conference proved that it is time for Jon Lansman to step aside


Tuesday September 25 2018: Download the PDF version here or read the full issue online here

Request to affiliate
Ex-Militant wants to rejoin

Supplement – Constitutional amendments: Voting recommendations – PDF here, full online version here.

Brexit: Reject the 
fudge composite motion

Instead, the labour movement should fight for 
working class independence and unity in Europe

No to a People’s Vote!
Paradoxical as it might sound, Marxists have always argued that referendums are inherently undemocratic


Monday September 24 2018.
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Open selection: a dark day of betrayal and climbdowns

Jon Lansman and Len McCluskey let their members down – and have 
delayed the possibility of mandatory reselection for at least three years

Small mercies
What has happened to the NEC’s commitment to membership democracy?

“They can fuck off”
Alexei Sayle, Chris Williamson MP and others addressed Labour Against the Witchhunt’s fringe meeting last night


Sunday September 23 20218.  Download PDF here or read the full issue online here

Fight for open selection!
Support the reference back of today’s CAC’s report – otherwise delegates will not be able to discuss the crucial question of mandatory reselection

Party Democracy Review: Disappointing but predictable

Tribune Relaunch

Labour against the Witchhunt’s NEC lobby



LPM 21-web-1

LPM No 21 (PDF):
Why Israel is a racist state. Any colonial-settler project must involve systematic discrimination against the indigenous population. Moshé Machover calls for the deZionisation of Israel
Against referendums. Jack Conrad puts the Marxist case for rejecting referendums as a matter of principle
Transform the Labour Party. The recommendations from the Party Democracy review fall far short of what is need. James Marshall presents LPM’s 12-point alternative.



LPM20 - web-color-1
LPM No 20 (PDF)
: NHS at 70. James Linney denounces the Tories and their ongoing programme of privatisation; No politics, please The July 15 ‘Momentum national conference’ in Durham will be a very special one, reports Carla Roberts: no motions, elections or decision-making of any kind; Sacked for daring to tell the truth Contribute to the fight to reinstate Stan Keable, urges David Shearer; And then they came for LRC John McDonnell has a political history, writes Carla Roberts. But, unfortunately, not much in the way of a backbone; A very British cover-up Conspiracies do happen, as the Jeremy Thorpe scandal proves. And Eddie Ford reckons the establishment might also conspire against Jeremy Corbyn in the event of a Labour victory



LPM19 Web color.pdf


LPM No19 (PDF) : Unsafe in Tory hands James Linney urges resistance to the ‘organisation of misery’ imposed on the NHS; Hard, soft or no Brexit? The working class needs a strategy that tails neither big capital nor backward-looking politicians, argues Jack Conrad; End the witch-hunt Stan Keable, secretary of Labour Against the Witchhunt, reports on the lobby of Labour’s NEC.



LPM18-picLPM No18 (PDF), September 28 2017: Ready to fall – and then what? Because of acute divisions over Europe the Tories are extremely vulnerable. However, says David Sherrief, the last thing we need is a ‘normal’ Labour government to replace them; Transform the Labour Party. Jeremy Corbyn says he wants to find ways to give more power to ordinary members and a conference that makes the nal decision on policy. James Marshall presents a 13-point platform that will provide the basis for our submission; On the sidelinesOrganisations such as SPEW, SWP, CPB and Left Unity are not only draining members: they are profoundly disorientated politically.




Red Pages @ Labour Party Conference, Wednesday September 27. In this issue :

            • Don’t relax – now the real work begins!
            • Stuffed parrots, texts from Momentum – but very little real decision-making. A first time delegate reports
            • Transform the Labour Party – the basis of our submission to the Corbyn review
            • Support trade unionists in Iran!

Download the PDF version of this issue here: part 1 and part 2




Red Pages @ Labour Party Conference, Tuesday September 26 In this issue:

            • Anti-Semitism witch-hunt: Conference fights back!
            • Interview with Jackie Walker
            • Labour First: Over the top … again
            • Mandatory selection: essential democratic demand

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Red Pages @ Labour Party Conference, Monday September 25. In today’s issue:

            • Brexit: To debate or not to debate?
            • We need a positive vision for Europe, not a pro-business one
            • Protest against Iain McNicol
            • Labour First rally: all about Marxism
            • Conference Arrangements Committee: Death throes of the right
            • Success! NPF document on Israel/Palestine is amended

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Red Pages @ Labour Party Conference, Sunday September 24In today’s  issue:

            • Voting recommendation: today’s priorities ballot
            • ‘Corbyn review’: Now keep up the pressure
            • Vote against the NEC ‘compromise’ on anti-Semitism

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LPM No17 (PDF), September 21 2017: Anti-Semitism does not equal anti-Semitism. Progress, the Jewish Labour Movement and the rightwing media have been running a completely cynical campaign, argues Moshé Machover; A new clause four. Understandably, clause four – agreed in 1918 and then rewritten under Tony Blair in 1995 – has totemic status for partisans of both Labour’s right and left; EU: There will be no reciprocation. David Sherrief says that the Tories seem determined to put the interests of party above those of capital. However, instead of presenting itself as a defender of British business, Labour needs a socialist vision when it comes to Europe


LPM16- web

LPM No16 (PDF), July 1 2017: Thesis on the general elections 2017 and after: June 8 was a disaster for Theresa May and a triumph for Jeremy Corbyn. Marxists need to explain how it happened and map out how our labour movement can take further steps forward. Ten-point action programme. Even with a bad general election result there is good reason to believe that Corbyn would have seen o another leadership challenge. Obviously, with June 8, Corbyn’s position has become considerably stronger. However, while there is every reason to defend Corbyn against the right, we must go far beyond that. Our goal is socialism and towards that end we must put in place and fashion the organisational means. Sheffield Hallam: Parallel campaign delivers win. One of the biggest upsets of the election took place in She eld Hallam, where a pro-Corbyn candidate defeated the former deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg.


LPM15 web pic


LPM No15 (PDF), May 4 2017: While Tony Blair refuses to endorse Jeremy Corbyn for prime minister; while Peter Mandelson’s think tank warns against strengthening Corbyn’s hand; while John Woodcock, Neil Coyle and other Labour MPs attack Corbyn’s leadership – we say vote Labour on June 8 and then fight to “Crush the Saboteurs”; The left and the snap election: We’ve witnessed total intellectual collapse; Cohering the Labour Left: Carla Roberts reports on the first meeting of the Grassroots Momentum steering committee on April 22 in London.



LPM14 WEBpic


LPM No14 (PDF), March 23 2017: Tom Watson inflicts further damage on the Labour Party. There is a real danger that after triggering article 50 Theresa May will follow through with a snap general election, writes Eddie Ford. Momentum’s flawed opposition. On March 11, Grassroots Momentum met at Conway Hall in central London. Simon Wells and
Carla Roberts report. What was Straight Left? Lawrence Parker investigates the political origins of Jeremy Corbyn’s director and deputy director of strategy and communications



LPM No13
, January 26 2017: Yes to a Momentum opposition, NO TO A SPLIT. We all knew the Lansman coup was coming, says Carla Roberts. But now is the time for the left to take stock and organise. Why referendums are anti-democratic: Mike Macnair says referendums (like the one in Momentum) empower those above, not those below. Establishment looking to dump Trump: First the salacious dossier, then the huge, but liberal-led, women’s marches. The left must maintain its political independence, says Jim Grant.





LPM No12, September 8 2016: ‘After Corbyn’s victory:’ The right’s failed coup presents the left with an unparalleled historic opportunity. James Marshall outlines a programme of immediate tasks and long-term strategic goals – including a Marxist version of Clause 4. ‘Skewered by moralism‘: An old-fashioned tabloid scandal? Harley Filben looks at the Keith Vaz affair. Sex between consenting adults should be their business.






LPM No11, September 8 2016: End the witch-hunt: James Marshall explores Labour Party history, from its early tolerance and inclusion of all working class and socialist organisations to today’s suspensions and expulsions of socialists. And Jim Grant is not impressed by Tom Watson’s dodgy dossier of ‘infiltrators’.






LPM No10, July 7 2016: Defend Corbyn (but have no illusions). Three clause fours – a Marxist version. Model motion: ‘Support Corbyn’. Model motion: ‘Mandatory reselection’. London Communist Forum – The Chakrabarti report and Labour’s anti-Semitism smears.






LPM No9, June 02 2016: ‘Anti-Zionism does not equal anti-Semitism’ – Submission by Labour Party Marxists to the Shami Chakrabarti inquiry into anti-Semitism and other forms of racism in the Labour Party; Model motion promoted by LPM: Labour Party ‘anti-Semitism’ smear and witch-hunt; EU referendum: blue-on-blue power struggle.






LPM No8, March 18 2016: A Labour military programme – LPM submission to Labour’s defense review; LPM amendment for March 19 AGM of CLPD; Thin end of the wedge (oppose the expulsion of Gerry Downing, but expose his political errors); Against all predictions (Bernie Sanders campaign).








LPM No7, September 2015: Recruit, win new affiliates, transform; Alternative clause four proposed by LPM; Lies, smears and dictators.







LPM No6, September 2015: Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures; Hoist by its own petard; A new clause four – Alternative proposed by LPM.







LPM No5 November 2014: The culture we need comes with thorns; LPM amendment to the Labour Representation Committee’s national committee statement; Nation, class unity and political strategy; Motion – For a federal republic; Stage-managed spectacle; Election address: Stan Keable.






LPM No4, February 2014Reject the Collins review; Europe and the politics of fraud; Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance; Rearm working class with collective representation.








LPM No3, November 2013Open letter to Jerry Hicks; European Union – bring arguments out into the open; Defending status quo is a loser; Motion – Defend the link, defend collective affiliation.







LPM No2, November 2012Transform Labour into a real party of Labour; Motion – For a strong, democratic and socialist labour movement; Not personal but an irresponsible political split; Labour turns blue.








LPM No1, November 2011Our aims and principles; Fight the bans and proscriptions; Refound Labour as a real party of labour.





Refound Labour as a permanent united front of the working class