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LPM16- web

LPM No16, July 1 2017: Thesis on the general elections 2017 and after: June 8 was a disaster for Theresa May and a triumph for Jeremy Corbyn. Marxists need to explain how it happened and map out how our labour movement can take further steps forward. Ten-point action programme. Even with a bad general election result there is good reason to believe that Corbyn would have seen o another leadership challenge. Obviously, with June 8, Corbyn’s position has become considerably stronger. However, while there is every reason to defend Corbyn against the right, we must go far beyond that. Our goal is socialism and towards that end we must put in place and fashion the organisational means. Sheffield Hallam: Parallel campaign delivers win. One of the biggest upsets of the election took place in She eld Hallam, where a pro-Corbyn candidate defeated the former deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg.


LPM15 web pic


LPM No15, May 4 2017: While Tony Blair refuses to endorse Jeremy Corbyn for prime minister; while Peter Mandelson’s think tank warns against strengthening Corbyn’s hand; while John Woodcock, Neil Coyle and other Labour MPs attack Corbyn’s leadership – we say vote Labour on June 8 and then fight to “Crush the Saboteurs”; The left and the snap election: We’ve witnessed total intellectual collapse; Cohering the Labour Left: Carla Roberts reports on the first meeting of the Grassroots Momentum steering committee on April 22 in London.



LPM14 WEBpic


LPM No14, March 23 2017: Tom Watson inflicts further damage on the Labour Party. There is a real danger that after triggering article 50 Theresa May will follow through with a snap general election, writes Eddie Ford. Momentum’s flawed opposition. On March 11, Grassroots Momentum met at Conway Hall in central London. Simon Wells and
Carla Roberts report. What was Straight Left? Lawrence Parker investigates the political origins of Jeremy Corbyn’s director and deputy director of strategy and communications



LPM No13
, January 26 2017: Yes to a Momentum opposition, NO TO A SPLIT. We all knew the Lansman coup was coming, says Carla Roberts. But now is the time for the left to take stock and organise. Why referendums are anti-democratic: Mike Macnair says referendums (like the one in Momentum) empower those above, not those below. Establishment looking to dump Trump: First the salacious dossier, then the huge, but liberal-led, women’s marches. The left must maintain its political independence, says Jim Grant.





LPM No12, September 8 2016: ‘After Corbyn’s victory:’ The right’s failed coup presents the left with an unparalleled historic opportunity. James Marshall outlines a programme of immediate tasks and long-term strategic goals – including a Marxist version of Clause 4. ‘Skewered by moralism‘: An old-fashioned tabloid scandal? Harley Filben looks at the Keith Vaz affair. Sex between consenting adults should be their business.






LPM No11, September 8 2016: End the witch-hunt: James Marshall explores Labour Party history, from its early tolerance and inclusion of all working class and socialist organisations to today’s suspensions and expulsions of socialists. And Jim Grant is not impressed by Tom Watson’s dodgy dossier of ‘infiltrators’.






LPM No10, July 7 2016: Defend Corbyn (but have no illusions). Three clause fours – a Marxist version. Model motion: ‘Support Corbyn’. Model motion: ‘Mandatory reselection’. London Communist Forum – The Chakrabarti report and Labour’s anti-Semitism smears.






LPM No9, June 02 2016: ‘Anti-Zionism does not equal anti-Semitism’ – Submission by Labour Party Marxists to the Shami Chakrabarti inquiry into anti-Semitism and other forms of racism in the Labour Party; Model motion promoted by LPM: Labour Party ‘anti-Semitism’ smear and witch-hunt; EU referendum: blue-on-blue power struggle.






LPM No8, March 18 2016: A Labour military programme – LPM submission to Labour’s defense review; LPM amendment for March 19 AGM of CLPD; Thin end of the wedge (oppose the expulsion of Gerry Downing, but expose his political errors); Against all predictions (Bernie Sanders campaign).








LPM No7, September 2015: Recruit, win new affiliates, transform; Alternative clause four proposed by LPM; Lies, smears and dictators.







LPM No6, September 2015: Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures; Hoist by its own petard; A new clause four – Alternative proposed by LPM.







LPM No5 November 2014: The culture we need comes with thorns; LPM amendment to the Labour Representation Committee’s national committee statement; Nation, class unity and political strategy; Motion – For a federal republic; Stage-managed spectacle; Election address: Stan Keable.






LPM No4, February 2014Reject the Collins review; Europe and the politics of fraud; Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance; Rearm working class with collective representation.








LPM No3, November 2013Open letter to Jerry Hicks; European Union – bring arguments out into the open; Defending status quo is a loser; Motion – Defend the link, defend collective affiliation.







LPM No2, November 2012Transform Labour into a real party of Labour; Motion – For a strong, democratic and socialist labour movement; Not personal but an irresponsible political split; Labour turns blue.








LPM No1, November 2011Our aims and principles; Fight the bans and proscriptions; Refound Labour as a real party of labour.




One thought on “LPM Publications

  1. Hello comrades

    Very useful the analysis of the pitfalls to avoid when supporting the Peace Movements in Britain, all the organisations to Stop the War, the disarmament comrades. These wish to avoid war, but war is inherent to the class struggle. As the article says, war is sometimes the only way to guarantee the continuation of life. The war of the partisans against Nazism is a shining example. Their war was absolutely necessary, and without them, de Gaulle (in France) might possibly have made an agreement with the less objectionable Petainists. Unfortunately, the policies of the Communist parties immediately after 1945 allowed the partisans of France and Italy to be disarmed, and those of Greece to be defeated – and this remains to be discussed in the Communists, the Labour Party, the Left and the Trade Unions.

    It is important that the article I read from Labour Party Marxists investigates at length the question of the standing army, and the need to have it abolished or defeated, to open the road to Socialism.

    The point was made in the article, in a persuasive way, that it is not enough to try and reduce the power of the existing armed forces, if done from above and in the hope that the bourgeois State will accept. The working class is the class to fulfil this task, and it will eventually creates its own army. When it does, even in partial ways, the first slogan to pose is ‘formation of workers militias, abolition of the standing army’ – etc.

    Even if this does not seem imminent, the way capitalism keeps crushing people and criminalising them is accelerating this process. What is new nowadays, is that capitalism in its supra-national form, is conducting the same counter-revolutionary policies in all the nation-states. This unifies the working class across boundaries, and soon these questions will be posed at European and world level.

    I am glad to see Engels and Trotsky – those 2 geniuses of the revolutionary-military tactic – brought to the fore in this article.

    Some will say that these considerations are not for now. To them, one must say that apparently slow processes take leaps. Capitalism is moribund and has only war against life – hence against people, the environment and actual reality – up its sleeve.

    World capitalism creates world-wide mercenary armies, using the Emirates, Australia, Israel, (the US and Britain as well) to ‘train’ fighting forces in given parts of the world, to suddenly trigger ‘revolutions’ in chosen nation-states. Today’s wars are indeed mini-world wars, and the millions of refugees are bound to continue moving around. The time will come when they will form part of the self-defence of the populations where they have ended up.
    This is why in Calais, capitalism wants the refugees in secure compounds (presented as humanitarian improvements) instead of free to roam.

    In the end capitalism will lose control. It has already lost it. And it could be that this will be the very reason why it starts using nuclear weapons. Not even to conquer Russian and Chinese markets, perhaps, but simply because it has lost the plot and will not go away without using all its military means to stay on the stage of history.

    I invite comrades to look into this. Posadas used to call this “the new insanity of capitalism”. It is not the same as ordinary insanity. It is what happens to a superseded social class. The pressure to end private property makes the capitalist class absolutely subjective and stupefied. It cannot believe that there is life beyond it. For it, the end of its system is the end of the world.

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