Video: Matt Wrack criticises the coup in Momentum


Click below for the speech by Matt Wrack, leader of the Fire Brigade’s Union and member of Momentum’s Steering Committee, at the conference of the Labour Representation committee conference on October 29. He spoke openly and critically about what is happening within Momentum. He explains the side of the story strangely ‘erased’ from communications coming from ‘the Momentum office’ (who authorises or actually sends these is never quiet clear). He details about emergency meetings, short notice and above all that there is more than one opinion about the way forward for Momentum. Messages to members have erased all this and present a sanitised and created version of “reality”. Hence Matt’s comments are important to hear, not to disregard any one view, but to hear all views – after all that is democracy.

Matt Wracks Speech on Momentum at the LRC Conference from Percivale Productions on Vimeo.