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Information from the Momentum conference arrangements committee


We are sharing this information here, as ‘Team Momentum’ has not sent it out to all Momentum members and supporters.

The minutes from the CAC meeting are available online here and as a PDF file here.


Dear Friend,

The Conference Arrangements Committee would like to wish you a Merry Christmas. This is our first update to inform you of key information and deadlines that Local Groups and representatives need to be aware of. You
will receive further updates in the New Year.

The CAC met on Thursday 15th December, please see the Minutes attached. We decided that pending confirmation of venue, the 1st National Momentum Conference starts Saturday 18th February 2017. The CAC have suggested a 2 day Conference that can offer something for everyone in our movement.


All Local Groups are asked to meet before the 21st Jan 2017. This is because all Local Groups are permitted to submit 1 motion for Conference. Groups do not have to submit a motion if they choose not to. Conference delegate elections should be held in this meeting. Once delegates are elected, Group leads are to write us stating the name of your Group and the name and membership no. of your delegates. Delegate credentials will be provided at Conference. Trade Unions with less than 250,000 members are entitled to 5 delegates, over 250,000 members is entitled to 10 delegates.

Local Group delegate entitlement is 2 per every 100 members or part thereof. If Groups have 99 members they are entitled to 2 Gender Balanced Conference delegates. If Groups have 101 members they are entitled to 4 and so on. 1of 4 delegates must be a Youth (under 30) delegate. Thursday 3rd Jan at midnight is the deadline for members to have joined in order to allocate the number of delegates a Local Group is entitled to.

Monday 9th Jan is the deadline to resolve discrepancies in local group boundaries. The CAC recognise there are a some issues regarding this. Please contact the main office as soon as possible if these issues are affecting your Group.

Because finance has not yet been secured, we urge Local Groups to start fundraising to pay for costs for delegates to Conference.

In area’s that are not covered by a Group, a motion can be submitted from no less than 30 members. Please make clear the names and membership no.s of the 30 members the motion is on behalf of.

The National Committee is mandated to work with Liberation Groups to establish themselves.

Regions are asked to meet by week ending Sat 21st/Sun 22nd January 2017. Whilst Regions are entitled to submit either 1 motion or 1 constitutional amendment, the CAC ask for Regions to focus on 1 constitutional amendment. A draft constitution will be circulated by 10th January 2017.

Motions and consitutional amendments are to be received by 28th January 2017 at midnight. Please send to Once motions are received they will be composited and categorised. Each category will then be placed in online priorities ballots. Once all the motions are received we will categorise them appropriately. The online priorities ballots will form the order of which motions will be heard in
the time strict time allowed. This means that depending on the amount of motions received for each category, some motions could be guillotined. Local Groups are advised to liaise with other Groups before submitting a motion by using Loomio and other methods. All conference queries are to be sent to the email address provided. Please also see the Facebook page

Local Group Involvement

The 1st Momentum National Conference is likely to be in London or Birmingham due to cost and accessibility. Because of a lack of funds, Regions and Local Group members are asked to consider providing a room for those who can not afford to pay for a hotel etc. Please let us know via email if you can spare a room.

The public images of our Conference is down to you all. Please send pictures of Local Group activity to us at the email address above. We will collate the pictures in collages and rotate them as often as possible.

The CAC have agreed not to focus on Celebrity for our Conference, instead we will make Celebrities out of some of you. If you would like to, speak, sing, dance or play a musical instrument please write to us or send us a video clip. Even if you are not chosen for Conference due to strict time allowances, your video clips will be posted online if appropriate. Be as creative as you like.

Grassroots Volunteers

We are currently over 20,000 members strong. Momentum has relied on volunteers from the start and Conference is no different. If you can spare any time to help make this event a success please write to us and
let us know what skills or time you can volunteer or you can volunteer as a Steward. We will send out regular updates as the arrangements progress.

Lastly, unity is strength. Time is short but we can achieve great things in solidarity.


Delia Mattis
Conference Arrangements Committee