Momentum internal elections – LPM recommendations


We are supporting candidates standing for the National Coordinating Group (NCG) who openly condemn the coup in Momentum and who promote taking the fight for democracy and socialism into the Labour Party. However, we do not (knowingly) support candidates of the Alliance of Workers’ Liberty, as we believe that they have played an utterly disgraceful role in the entirely fabricated ant-Semitism scandal in the Labour Party and Momentum. They have supported Jon Lansman’s demotion of Jackie Walker as vice-chair of Momentum, for example – thereby paving the way for his latest coup.

LPM recommends a vote for these candidates:

South East
Stan Keable (LPM secretary) and Jamie Green

Midlands, Wales, East and West
Liz Yeats, Andy Thompson, Rida Vaquas and Phil Pope

North and Scotland
Gary Wareing and Alan Runswick